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10 Weeks to Discover Your Root Causes of Fatigue, Burn Out and Exhaustion and Activate the Customized Revitalization Plan You Need to Step Into the Bigger Life That's Calling You!

Do you have the feeling that there's so much more for you to do in this life . . . a deeper yearning inside you that wants to burst out?

If so, then you are a woman who is deeply connected to your greatest potential, not only for yourself, but for your family and your global community.

However, you're also very aware that you struggle with your energy levels and you don't have the inner (or outer) resources you need to go after your biggest, boldest dreams.

I also suspect that you've tried just about everything to get your vitality back. You've read All. The. Books, you take daily supplements, you exercise regularly, drink plenty of water, and you sleep at least 6 hours (-ish) every night.

Let me ask you . . .

💎 Have these past months--years felt like a friggin' marathon? 

💎 Are you burnt out? OR wondering what is wrong with you? 

💎 Are you trying to reconnect with your passion and drive for your work? Your mission? Your workouts?

💎 Are the supplements you diligently take every morning not doing it for you? How about the caffeine?

💎 Are you finding yourself just wanting to curl up in a ball and make it all go away--or are you yearning for the long vacation on the tropical beach?

💎 Is your brain fog freaking you out? Are you more and more dependent on sticky notes, voice memos, and reminder texts?

💎 Do you walk into a room and cannot remember what you came in there for? 

💎 Have you seen your doctor – or are you afraid to?

💎 Or does your medical team just let you know your labs are all normal, yet you feel like crap?

I'm doing something different and it's a game-changer!

It feels like it's the right time for a change -- real change -- I know I need it, do you?

I had a vision of a group of like-minded women coming together this winter; discovering what is zapping us of our energy and tapping into a deeper level of vitality so we can step into our goals and do big things in the world.

Would you like to join me for a weekly closed group of smart women who need a reset?

I would love for you to join me. We can all access abundant energy when we support each other and go through the discovery process together.

10-Week Vital Women Program

10 x 60-90 Minute Weekly Live Sessions with Dr. Jenny

$9,000 Value

8 x One Hour Weekly Body-Mind Restoration Modules with Dr. Jenny

$1,900 Value

Complete Companion Workbook and Personalized Health Assessments

$100 Value

Immediate Access To Dr. Jenny’s Private Facebook Community

$500 Value

Your Personalized Revitalization Plan



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Weekly LIVE Group Q&A Sessions

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Get Back To The REAL YOU with

10-Week Vital Women Program

  • Overwhelming Exhaustion and Brain Fog
  • Frustration and Uncertainty
  • Avoiding Activities
  • Disappointing Your Family
  • Feeling Drained & Burnt Out
  • Daily Energy, Focus and Joy!
  • Be Empowered With A Plan
  • “Energy Confidence” for Any Adventure!
  • Be Present and Have Fun!
  • GO for your DREAMS!

10 Weekly Live Sessions

  • Meet with Dr. Jenny weekly to get your questions answered 
  • 60-90 minute deep dive
  • Learn from Dr. Jenny
  • Learn from other women walking the same path
  • 8 Weekly 60 Minute Online Modules

  • Easy to follow and Implement
  • Science-Based Physician Methodology Proven
  • Mind-Body Approach
  • Your Tool Kit For Core Vitality
  • Your Personalized Revitalization Plan

  • Discover Your Biggest Energy Suckers
  • Naturally Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind
  • Handle Anything Life Throws At You
  • Get Back To Your Real, Energetic
  • Active Support Community

  • Dr. Jenny’s Private Facebook Group
  • Connect With Other Vital Women Members
  • Exclusive Videos, Articles and Resources
  • Core Vitality Workbook

  • Step by Step Companion Guide
  • Your Health Assessments
  • Track Your Progress
  • Live Kickoff Call #1

    Week ONE - Assessment where are you NOW?

    You need to know where you are to get where you want to be.

    We will assess your in this program: physical, mental emotional and spiritual/energetic.

    In the kickoff meet-up you will get started with some science-based tools you can use to assess and improve your well-being everyday.

    Module One: Intro
    Workbook download

    Live Call #2

    Week TWO - GI Health

    Gut Health: Discover how to find the  perfect diet for your body and this phase of your life.

    Beyond feeling good in your body optimal digestion and detoxification is THE foundation that must be in place for your energy and vitality to improve. 

    Two weeks of concentrated effort on optimizing this essential part of your being.

    We will bring in Holistic Nutritionist Karen Davis to work with you on our zoom Q&A calls.

    When to supplement, when not too, what if you have SIBO, IBS, Chrohns- we can talk about it all. 

    We will discuss the supplements you might want to add into your regimen--like probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, digestive enzymes and more. We'll also go over the latest research and best clinical practices.

    Module Two: GI Health
    Workbook Download
    Diet Diary Assessment
    GI Health Assessment

    Live Call #3

    Week THREE - Gut Health

    We will continue our work on digestive health this week. No new material- but more time to digest- heh heh heh the material and integrate it in building your personal wellness plan.

    We will have our guest Karen Davis with us this week on our live Q and A call.

    Module Two: GI Health
    Workbook Download
    Diet Diary Assessment
    GI Health Assessment

    Live Call #4

    Week FOUR - Sleep and Breath

    Got sleep issues? Sleep hygiene and beyond we will dive into how to get your sleep back on track. This is a deep dive into the thing we often don’t get enough of- sleep 

    AND the other thing we don’t get enough of: oxygen. Most of us do not think about our breathing when this is most powerful ways we can instantly shift our mind and body.

    In the module and the Q and A we you will get actionable steps to take to improve your sleep and shift your unconscious breathing habits so your cells- get what they need and you can feel better.

    Module Three: Sleep and Breath
    Workbook download
    Breath workshop
    Sleep supplements and strategies to improve insomnia such as poor sleep initiation, early waking and disrupted circadian rhythm

    Live Call #5

    Week Five - Golden Triangle

    Hormones and stress. This is what we will be focusing on this week. This is a GREAT session as it is THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF FATIGUE! And it's relatively fast and easy to shift once you know what YOU need.

    We will go over how to read your own bodies signs, lab tests and treatments to get your whole hormonal symphony in tune--giving you increased bandwidth to handle life's stressors and enjoy the challenge of life and work again!

    Module Four: Hormone Triangle
    Workbook download

    Bonus: want to order labs? We can set you up with an order form so you can assess your adrenals and hormones and get Dr. Jenny’s interpretation. (Fees for labs will be an additional cost--we will connect you to labs with the best prices!)

    Live Call #6

    Week SIX - Power of the Mind

    Your subconscious mind is where the true magic lives – the power within to heal or to be sick, to stay stuck or to expand. In this module you'll understand it's role in sickness and in health.

    During our Q&A we will dive into how you can work with your subconscious mind and practice developing new neural networks. To achieve the thing you want the most, but fear you cannot have, with your health, your relationships or your business. THIS is where you will find the block and the power to break through to your next level.

    Module Five: The Power of the Mind
    Workbook Download

    Q&A: your questions as well as hot seat for breakthrough sessions on subconscious work

    Live Call #7

    Week SEVEN - Homework Catch UP Week!


    This week you can take a break or dig in deeper with your extra time.

    (or Karen Davis Nutritionist meets to go deeper with GI/Diet Questions)

    Live Call #8

    Week EIGHT - Mitochondria and Toxic Overload

    This is a full on week where we dive into how to optimize your mitochondria.

    Did you know EVERY sign of ‘aging’ has to do with your mitochondria not functioning well?

    Saggy skin, poor memory, lower energy… Understanding what they are, how to support them are the literal keys to more vitality.

    They are easily affected by the toxins in our world like heavy metals, pesticide, herbicides. No need to freak out, there is so much you can do to stay well.

    We answer how do you stay healthy in a toxic world? Discover how you can assess your toxic load, doable practices to reduce it AND how to boost your mitochondria and get you feeling better!

    Module Six: Mitochondria and Toxic Overload
    Workbook Download

    Optional Testing for Heavy Metals (price of labs not included in course

    Live Call #9

    Week NINE - Infections and Conclusion

    We all have viruses, bacteria, fungi that are in our bodies. The question is are they overwhelming you and dragging down your energy? Altering your metabolism? Making it so that no matter what you do you still feel exhausted or have bizarre symptoms no one can figure out?

    Getting your infectious load down to a level where you don’t feel it anymore is often the missing piece when people struggle with ongoing fatigue, metabolic problems, or digestive issues and brain/mood disturbances. 

    This is the week where you uncover how to work with your medical team to assess and treat your chronic infections.

    Module Seven: Infections and Conclusion
    Workbook Download

    Bonus: Labs and functional medical interpretations you can share with your medical team

    Create your plan for action/Integration

    Live Call #10

    Week TEN - Integration Mapping

    How many times have you learned lots of great new information but you do not integrate it into your life in any meaningful way?

    You know you should get back to that thing you learned--but don’t.

    It remains on your to-d0 list. The full intent of this time together is to integrate in what you have learned and for you to map out your next steps.

    You will leave confident you know where to go next to optimize your health and well being and power up your life.

    Vital Women!


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    For over 20 years I have been practicing and teaching functional medicine, seeing the most intense, complicated cases of chronic disease. I have walked my own path with illness and danced with uncertainty in the dark. Many times on that journey, I felt lost and scared, tired and drained, unable to help myself or those around me.

    I am a hard working doctor and momma of two… trying to be perfect at both, failing beautifully, of course, and learning to love myself through it all.

    I am putting my life’s work out in the world because it’s time! It is the time for all of us to be our best.

    The world needs us to shine our lights as brilliantly as we can. I think we can agree that there is a lot of fear and darkness in the world right now.

    I would love to see you shine, so you can be the leader, the light for those whom you are with at home, on the street and in your work.

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