Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian is an effortless remover of health obstacles! There is a tremendous patience, clarity and ease in all of my appointments with her that allows me to go deep within myself and examine my health from the inside out. Jenny facilitates the space for me to see what changes I want to make. I've left her office in wonder many times, armed with a profoundly subtle affirmation and revolutionary shifts in my health, my life and my consciousness. I am a much happier, healthier, and empowered individual for my work with her.


Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian's ability to listen and hold the whole picture of my health is incredible. She treats my present conditions while simultaneously holding the larger vision of my health and healing. The innumerable tools, modalities and knowledge in her medicine bag combined with her keen sense of listening create a collaborative wellness effort that provides me with the perfect medicine every time. Working with Jenny, I have experience quick relief, while being supported in implementing deep life changes that have created long lasting results. D. Nafziger.


And I'm healing—I'm getting my life back. I'm getting my sparkle, which is what I wanted. I remember she asked me what I wanted. I was like, ‘I want to sparkle again.'


“Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is not only a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor, she is truly a gifted healer. I have benefited greatly from Jenny's treatments on many levels - physically and emotionally as well as spiritually and energetically. Her medical expertise combined with her holistic approach have set me on a path toward optimal health.”
- J. Neall
"Dr. Jenny looks at everything from a different perspective. I wish I had found her sooner."
- J.D.
"I met Jenny a year ago and since that time I have come to respect her as a skilled clinician. She focuses on wellness and encourages the use of homeopathics, herbs and nutritional supplements as first line treatments, but is very knowledgeable of conventional therapies as well. I feel totally supported in pursuing a healthy lifestyle with Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian's help. I feel better now than I have in years! I have not met any other practitioner who embodies compassion, love or healing and patience as much as she does."
- S. Benjamin 
“Dr. Tufenkian is a true gem.  In addition to her expertise in naturopathic medicine and the use of homeopathics, she also brings a wealth of knowledge in other modalities, such as Bowen, Psych-K, DNRS and essential oils. This broad skill set allows Dr. Tufenkian to address health issues from multiple angles - with treatment plans that not only focus on the physical symptoms, but can also incorporate suggestions to help support the mental (both conscious and subconscious), as well as the emotional and energetic aspects of the issue.”
- Cheri 
“Dr. Jenny is a true healer. She's a safe place for anyone.”
- M.S.
 "When he came to Dr. Jenny he felt hopeless. He had seen 20 different doctors in 6 years with no luck. His primary care physician recommended Dr. Jenny and sang her praises. He felt like she might be the one to make a difference. Previously people only treated his symptoms, he feels Dr. Jenny treated his root cause." 
- Patient's Wife  
"In a world where most Doctors search for what is "wrong" with their patient, Dr. Tufenkian looks directly at their perfect picture of health and holds that space until we reach it. We identify the obstacles that have been in the way and she maps the pathway best suited for each individual. She's a mapmaker. She's able to draw the path to perfect health for anyone, in a way that is easy to read."
- H.S.
"Working with Dr. Jenny has been incredible. Through working with her, I have found enormous impacts in my physical and emotional health. I came to her challenged with hormonal symptoms after seeing plenty of other specialists, and nothing seemed to give me the answers I was seeking. Dr. Jenny looked at me from a whole body perspective and took in mind the emotional and physical aspects to the symptoms, which is what steadfast my healing. She is unlike any doctor I have seen. Not only is she caring and compassionate, but she also knows her stuff! I feel grateful to have found Dr. Jenny and have her in my life."
- Carrie 
 "I've been seeing Dr. Jenny for about 2 or 3 months now. I still battle with my self confidence every day, but with Dr. Jenny's help, I have tools that can help me win the battle every day. I no longer feel alone. I know that I'm not judged when I have an appointment with her! The fact that Dr. Jenny remembers what we talked about in our last appointments together means a lot to me. I know she hears me and she listens to me. She encourages me when we do subconscious work, and I feel safe with her. We've been working on calming my brain and building my confidence while exploring why I've felt self conscious for so long. I truly feel like I am being heard and understood."
- A.B.