Recipes for Summer on the Go

Burgers, patties, fresh salads - and don't forget dessert. These are the things that make summer delicious. Diversify your summer foods this season with healthy, easy recipes that taste good and make you feel good. Whether you have outdoor concerts, evenings on the water, or picnics on the horizon, this is good fast food to go.

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Easy Foods You Can Make Ahead

Lots of these recipes are relatively simple. Most can be made ahead and many can be frozen for a week, a month, or even a year!

Mix and Match Recipes

Patties, burgers, and sauces you can mix and match. Add some steamed asparagus, broccoli or a big salad to make a super fast and nutritious meal.

Build Meals from Healthy Staples

Staples like Tahini Garlic Sauce and Chimichurri have endless variations, are packed with nutrients, and can be used as the finishing touch on almost any meal. 

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