OK, today is election day. 

Hopefully you voted. 

The work is done, for the moment. 

All we can do is wait… and feel what? 

Stress? There are lots of healthy ways to handle stress: we can reach out to others, sing, move our bodies (dance, take a walk)… or we can bake. 

In our home we call these situations IBMs: Inappropriate Baking Moments! 

Honestly, their timing may be inappropriate, but no one really complains since the outcome is so yummy. 

I choose to bake treats that are gluten-free and often vegan. I only use natural sweeteners. I love foods that are nutritionally dense. 

Here are my favorite fall and winter pie recipes, along with some yummy fall foods.

AND, in case you are gluten-free and want to actually roll out a flaky white crust to de-stress, here ya go. This is the recipe I have been holding close to my chest. It was created by accident. It is NOT nutritionally dense or good for you like most of my other recipes. It IS a white, flaky pie crust. It can be made vegan with coconut oil instead of butter and by using a vegan egg replacer. This recipe shows up in our home for birthdays and Thanksgiving, and last spring it made an appearance as “Zoom-ified pie”! 

The trick to this crust is the moisture content: pinch it before you take it out of the bowl. It should form under your fingers into a texture like playdough. If it doesn’t, add more water. 

Please take care of every part of your being. Know in your heart that all is well. We are all here together. 

And enjoy your pie! 

In good health, 

~ Dr Jenny Tufenkian ND  

photo credit: Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

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