Naturopathic Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

5 Tactics to Soothe, Alleviate, and Prevent Seasonal Allergies by Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

Escaping the Misery of Seasonal Allergies

Why do some people suffer horrible allergies, while others seem completely unfazed throughout the seasons? It’s true that genetics play a part, but the allergens and allergies specific to you also depend a lot on your individual health, your environment, and the foods you eat. This is good news, because it means there are things you can do to fight seasonal allergies, and make the best of your genetic makeup. Learn to control the root causes of your allergies, examine your diet and environment, support immune function, and how to prevent or lessen the intensity of future reactions. This free PDF includes herbal, homeopathic, and essential oil remedies to soothe irritation and boost immunity.

Our Product Main Benefits

Lower Your Toxic Load and Eliminate Root Causes

Often, people with seasonal allergies have been eating foods or exposing themselves to environmental elements that are attacking their systems and they don’t even know it. Learn what pollutants and foods might be lowering your body's immune response to allergens and how to eliminate them. 

Avoid Allergens - Without Sacrificing Happiness

If you know where and when your allergies are triggered, you can plan to avoid them at their peak. For example, pollens are highest in the mornings before noon, and lowest after a rainstorm. Learn how to best avoid allergens at their peaks - without sacrificing the activities you love. 

Remedies to Alleviate and Soothe Symptoms

Rather than immediately turn to conventional treatments like steroids, natural remedies can help to gently alleviate symptoms and bring your body into balance. This PDF offers herbal supplement, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils that can soothe symptoms and boost your resilience to future reactions. 

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