Dynamic Heart Health for Women



Discover a new kind of medicine!

Be empowered to activate your personalized health tool kit combining the latest cutting edge science with ancient/inner wisdom!

The heart gets sick and wounded from our stress, our emotions, our interactions with the world around us.

What we eat, think and how we move ALL impact us.

What we choose day by day can turn on or turn off our genetic predisposition to early death and disease.

How are your daily decisions impacting your heart health?

Your heart is at the center of your body. SO it's easy to take advantage of it and NOT think about it until its too late. 

Heart disease is why most of us will die early.

We also can't focus on the heart in isolation, it's important to know how to take care of the body as a whole.

The old medical model cuts off pieces of our body and treats them as if they were not connected. The reality is every cell of our body is connected. SO its time to change how we view and treat ourselves so we can actually vibrate at a healthier level.

Let me ask you . . .

✨ Do you know if you're at risk for heart disease? 

✨ GOT CFS/ME or Long Covid? How do you support your heart while you heal?

✨ STRESSED? Do you know how to measure your HRV heart rate variability at home and INCREASE your feel good hormones?

✨ Are you SO TIRED at the end of your work day? You know you need to exercise to prevent heart disease, but when or how do you squeeze it into your day?

✨ DO you want to have more endurance and energy now? Your heart health has A LOT to do with your energy.

✨ How can you heal your emotional heart? and uhhh…  Is this really part of preventing heart disease??

✨ Would you like to improve your intuition? Did you know this comes from your heart-brain axis?? How can you tap into your inner knowing??

✨ Would you love to discover how to improve your stress reactions so you can go after those big goals and know how to protect your health?

There is SO much we can do to improve our heart health!

First, you need to know--what is your risk? Is it worth it for you to change up a few things in your life to reduce your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke?

IF you are at risk, or just want to be smart and take care of this vital organ the best you can then…

Join Me for this 2.5-Hour LIVE Workshop!

I'm stepping out and bringing to you a Saturday morning workshop where we can come together and figure out what you need most to boost your heart AND Maximize Your Life!

discover the most up to date heart science


integrate this new knowledge into your life with things you can do immediately to improve your heart health.


your personal plan to protect your heart and maximize your life!



Live Virtual Workshop hosted on Zoom


March 11, 2022
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM PST

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Boost Your Heart Health AND Live Your Best Life with

2.5-Hour LIVE Workshop for Women

  • Low energy and endurance
  • Frustration and Uncertainty
  • Questioning your decisions
  • Sad, feeling lonely, dark mood
  • Feeling Drained & Burnt Out
  • Support your heart, boost energy!
  • Empowered With A Plan
  • Tap into your inner knowing & build confidence!
  • Improve your emotional heart & feel deeper joy!
  • GO for your DREAMS!

For over 20 years I have been practicing and teaching functional medicine, seeing the most intense, complicated cases of chronic disease. I have walked my own path with illness and danced with uncertainty in the dark. Many times on that journey, I felt lost and scared, tired and drained, unable to help myself or those around me.

I am a hard working doctor and momma of two… trying to be perfect at both, failing beautifully, of course, and learning to love myself through it all.

I am putting my life’s work out in the world because it’s time! It is the time for all of us to be our best.

The world needs us to shine our lights as brilliantly as we can. I think we can agree that there is a lot of fear and darkness in the world right now.

I would love to see you shine, so you can be the leader, the light for those whom you are with at home, on the street and in your work.

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