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Beyond hand washing what can you do to avoid illness?

In this engaging workshop you will discover 7 best strategies to strengthen your immune system for lasting health. I cover how to strengthen your “Foundational Four,” (digestion/detoxification, rhythm/sleep, movement/breath, mindset/spirit), the pillars of health you need to strengthen today! Includes a simple daily detox plan.

Got sleep issues? This is covered in the training! Brain fog? It could be your gut. I talk about that too! Truly inspiring and effective treatments for you and your family to experience full health and decrease your risk of being a ‘susceptible host’.  (And of course I do recommend still washing your hands!).

Maximize your immunity and avoid becoming a “susceptible host!”

  • The 4 Pillars of Health for Optimal Immunity, Energy and Brain Focus
  • Easy Daily Detox Steps 
  • Shift Your Digestion Into Optimal Mode
  • Move Your Health To a New Level in the “Wellness Workshop”

PLUS BONUS RECORDING: Dr. Jenny Answers Questions on Probiotics, Pre-biotics, Herbs and Autoimmune Conditions


This is where the power and the magic is.

In this powerful 3 hour video workshop I guide you to discover essential techniques you can use to immediately shift your brain from overwhelm to calm, from distracted to focused, as well as how to dive into deeper subconscious healing.

This is an essential training if you experience mood swings, stress and anxiety and want to have a fast way to shift to feeling better in the moment. Professional athletes for decades have been using ‘mindset coaches’ to beat their personal best.

Discover how you can use the same techniques for deep healing. Use your mind to improve your personal best. It is the game changer for elite athletes, it can be for you to.

Get Immediate access to videos and downloads so you can:

  • Tap into the true potential of your own mind
  • Shift your emotions and do deep work with the “Power Up” Workshop
  • Remove your limiting core beliefs to enhance your health, wealth and life
  • Shift your immune system to fight off infections


  • Is anger always bad?
  • What are her favorite natural remedies for anxiety and depression?
  • How do you choose a therapist who is right for you?
  • Plus more!


Don’t you hate the uh-oh feeling when the sore throat comes on?

Or your kids start to complain about their stomachs hurting? What if you knew what to do to make yourself better and help your family too?

I have compiled my best practice tips from 20 plus years of working with patients, and 30 years of being a mom. I made them into series of easy to access micro-videos. At 2 am you can easily find the short video on my favorite cough remedies or what to do for that sore throat and get you and your family quickly onto the road of recovery.  

Truly, the best homecare practices and guidance on when to seek professional help. Including the best mindset hack you will ever find for shifting your immune system from ‘uh-oh’ to feeling good!

Easy to access video encyclopedia.

  • How to address common ailments like: fever, cough, sore throat, stomachache 
  • The best foods to eat when you are ill, including how to handle superbugs
  • How to use hydrotherapy for chest infections, ear aches, fevers, sore throats for kids and adults
  • Easy to use remedies to help your body in hard times
  • All the details on stress and your immune system 
  • How to handle allergies

PLUS: Dr Jenny’s instant mind hack to move from “uh oh” to “A-Ok” when you feel an illness coming on.


  • Find out what makes you vulnerable to illness
  • Strengthen your  ‘Foundational Four’: How to Sleep, Eat, Breathe and Move for optimal immunity
  • Daily detox plan and assessment tools 


  • Learn 5 quick techniques to shift from anxiety, overwhelm and despair to joy, peace and calm.
  • How does your mood affect your immune system? Build your own emotional wellness toolkit
  • Tap into the power of the mind: use the power within to obtain optimal mood and immunity. Learn how to help yourself to this powerful medicine! 


  • Take a deep dive into natural remedies to support your healing from: coughs, colds, fevers, GI upset, sinusitis and allergies
  • Mindset Hacks Dr. Tufenkian and her patients use to decrease illness
  • Medicine cabinet 101: Learn which herbs, homeopathics, essential oils and other therapies that Dr. Tufenkian uses with her family and patients for effective support.
  • Best practices for home care and when to seek professional help

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