The 7-Day Energy Map Jumpstart Course

Learn how to support a healthy lifestyle and make simple changes to your everyday routine to easily maximize your body’s natural functions and minimize your susceptibility to chronic and deadly illnesses!

Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen


In the face of inflation, I was super excited to see the Environmental Working Group's new Clean 15 and DIRTY dozen list for 2022. This group does great work! I had my team make up a PDF for your phone and your fridge so you can know which foods are best to AVOID unless they are organic and which ones even if conventionally grown have less pesticides. This can be a way to save a few dollars.

Flu Prevention and Treatment

Rather than let news of contagious disease make us fearful, we can take care of ourselves. We have the ability to use amazing, powerful remedies to boost our immune systems, avoid, and treat common colds and flus. In this 11-page report, Dr. Tufenkian shares what she has used effectively for over two decades with her patients, family, and herself to avoid and treat acute viral infections.

Energy Boost HPA-D Diet Guide

a.k.a. adrenal fatigue
It may not be sexy, but EVEN KEELED can feel pretty good. And ultimately give you more sustainable energy for all things that are fun. Download this guide to see how your current diet compares to the ideal energy healing diet, I encourage you to do it now.

Naturopathic Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

Why do some people suffer horrible allergies, while others seem completely unfazed throughout the seasons? It’s true that genetics play a part, but the allergens and allergies specific to you also depend a lot on your individual health, your environment, and the foods you eat.

Delicious Recipes for Busy Summers

Burgers, patties, fresh salads - and don't forget dessert. These are the things that make summer delicious. Diversify your summer foods this season with healthy, easy recipes that taste good and make you feel good. Whether you have outdoor concerts, evenings on the water, or picnics on the horizon, this is good fast food to go.

Nourishing Foods for Happy Holidays

Because loving yourself through the holidays is a necessity.