Flu Prevention and Treatment

5 Naturopathic Strategies for Beating the Flu by Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

Beat the Flu Blues - Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally

The flu headlines have been daunting this winter. But rather than let news of contagious disease make us fearful, we can take care of ourselves. We have the ability to use amazing, powerful remedies to boost our immune systems, avoid, and treat common colds and flus. In this 11-page report, Dr. Tufenkian shares what she has used effectively for over two decades with her patients, family, and herself to avoid and treat acute viral infections.

Our Product Main Benefits

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What to Do at First Symptoms

Learn the essentials to create a prevention and treatment kit for yourself and your family. This report includes over 20 herbal, natural, and homeopathic supplements to reach for when you feel the first sign of symptoms.

The Power of the Mind in Your Health

Mindset is your most powerful weapon to fight disease and boost immunity. Instead of letting stress and sickness become a vicious cycle, harness the power of your mind at the onset of first symptoms before the virus has a chance to replicate.

What to Do If You Still Feel Sick

There are many things we can do to stave off sickness. Other strategies and tactics in the report include using whole foods as medicine, essential oils, warming socks, and what to do when you feel like the virus is winning.

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