Fall weather always feels bittersweet to me even while I enjoy soaking in those last rays of sunshine. I know it’s the ending of the life and vibrancy of summer. I recommend that you take a few minutes during this season of transition to prepare to support your health through the next months. I’ve created a guide to help you in staying healthier this fall. Feel free to download the full PDF by clicking the link below.

I know cold season has started for many. I want to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable viruses on the way. Last year was a rough flu season, and though we’re hoping this year will be lighter, you can be prepared no matter what!

Wash your hands

I know, I know, so basic! I don’t mean to totally frighten you, but the hepatitis C virus can live on cold, wet surfaces for three days! Now you know why doctor-moms are uber-paranoid. However, if you really do wash your hands right after you get off the bus, pick up that stylus to sign at the grocery store, touch the shopping cart, etc., you will dramatically decrease your chances of getting ill.

Treat your symptoms immediately

Viruses are replicating, growing in your cells. Natural remedies such as elderberry syrup slow this replication process. You can halt or dramatically decrease the impact a virus has on your health by taking something or doing something You’ll find lots of tips in the Flu PDF below. Have your “colds & flu kit” on hand and begin dosing right away, at the first scratchy throat, or if your family and co-workers are ill.

Diffuse essential oils

We catch viruses by inhaling respiratory droplets from others who are ill: i.e., a sneeze or cough from someone who is hosting a virus. Diffusing essential oils has been proven to decrease the presence of viral toxins in the air. Just 4-5 drops in a water diffuser can help, along with the added benefits of smelling nice and making you feel happier. Some great essential oils for this are: Wild Orange, Protective Blend, Thyme and Melaleuca.

I hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic healthy fall season!

Download my free PDF here to find a ton of ideas about how to protect and treat yourself and your family this fall and winter.

photo credit: Bruno Nascimento/Unsplash

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