Why can’t I sleep if I am SOOO tired?

Can't Sleep? Time for a reset.

Falling asleep and staying asleep

should not be so hard!

Do you struggle with getting enough good sleep?

You’ve done all the right things: installed room-darkening blinds, started turning off your blue-light devices an hour before bed—you even stopped drinking caffeine after 3 PM!

But night after night, when you tuck yourself under your comfy duvet and cover your eyes, so tired you’re sure you’ll nod off when you close your eyes…

Your body just refuses to sleep!

Does it feel like your internal clock is broken? 

Or maybe you do fall asleep easily, only to wake up a few hours later. You try to meditate, or you just lie there and relax … but hours later you’re still awake.

Maybe you’ve developed Chronic Fatigue/ME or Post-Viral Syndrome or another complex illness, and your sleep has been messed up ever since!

If you have been living with less than 7 hours of sleep a night, your body and mind are experiencing the effects, including:

  • Increased inflammation

  • Reduced ability to heal from injury and illness

  • Mood changes: depression, irritability, anxiety

  • Poor decision-making

  • Lack of sex drive 

  • Fatigue, lower productivity, brain fog 

  • Reduced self-confidence

Let me ask you . . .

✨ Have you tried countless sleep supplements, meditations and deep breathing exercises, and medications but nothing works? 

✨ Do you feel stressed out about not getting enough sleep? Is it impacting your productivity at work, your relationships, your sex life?

✨ Do you find yourself unable to focus on tasks at times? Is it a struggle just to do your daily activities? Are you wondering whether this could be from lack of sleep?

✨ Are you jealous of people who fall asleep within 5 minutes because it takes you 3 hours?

The pressure to sleep can become insane.

Night after night it builds.

It's easy to start worrying during the day about what your night might bring. You can even start to fear going to bed at night. And it's hard for others to understand how you feel.

If “I’m tired” is an understatement, this is for you!

There are things YOU can DO and things you can TAKE to reset your sleep cycle.  Most doctors do not take the time to explain this to patients who are struggling with sleep. It’s easier to prescribe a medication when the visit is so short.

The truth is, there are things you can do to bring your sleep back into a natural rhythm.  Whether you were “born this way,” you have been impacted by an illness or emotional stress, or you are just plain exhausted, you can discover how to reset your sleep.


Introducing . . .

Natural Sleep Secrets to Boost Your Energy

Between counting sheep and taking drugs with negative side effects, there is a WHOLE LOT MORE you can do to address sleep dysfunction. Over the past 20 years, I have helped patients suffering from complex chronic illness find their way to better health. I will share with you what has worked for them! The reality is that many things can make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep.

By the end of this 90-minute live interactive workshop you will:

  • Understand the 10 things you can do to optimize your sleep without the use of harmful drugs.
  • Know how to use your own body as a biofeedback tool to create the protocol you need to support your body and lifestyle.
  • Have a practical, natural tool kit to use to reset your natural sleep cycle. 

The mistake most people make is not realizing that what you eat, what you think, and how you move impacts your sleep!

You will walk away from the Natural Sleep Secrets to Boost Your Energy workshop with easy action steps you can start right away, including:

  • What foods to eat to stop early waking.
  • What to do when you first wake up to reset your circadian rhythm.
  • How to move to detoxify and help yourself sleep (even if you are too tired to get out of bed).
  • Mindset hacks to get your busy brain to shut off. 
  • How to optimize your sleep when you travel to new places.

Join Me for This 1.5-Hour Workshop!

We will come together and figure out how to boost your sleep 

AND maximize your life!

I am always looking for the ONE thing that has a BIG impact on other things. Have you ever wanted that? The dress that goes from work to play. The Instant Pot! Sauté, cook, and serve. (Only one pan to wash, people!! Who does not love that?) We are all busy! Doing our work, taking care of the kids, and trying to get healthy all at the same time. We need to have the ONE thing that works, and we need it to work on multiple levels. Do you get me?

I’m a mom and a doctor, and I’ve been so severely sleep-deprived at times, I thought my body would break. So I know from experience: the ONE thing, the one health foundation that will impact your life more than any other, is whether you sleep well or not. 

Am I right? 

What happens when you have a good night’s sleep vs. a bad one?

Are you cranky with the kids or calm and loving?

Did you stay focused on work today or get lost scrolling and sucked into clickbait? 

Did you make your detox green smoothie or were you so tired that you just grabbed a cookie for breakfast?

Not to mention whether you made it to the gym!

What would your life be like if you could:

  • Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, wake up more refreshed? 

  • No longer feel that nagging guilt because you didn’t have the energy to do the tasks you need to do? 

  • Retrain your body to sleep? 

Once you understand what is at the bottom of your sleep issue, you can take action. You’ll know where to start. This is the knowledge that I will be sharing with you on Saturday!

Regain control of your nights


Create a personal action plan to impact your sleep and maximize your life.


Integrate this new knowledge into your life immediately to reset your sleep rhythm.


Feel empowered because you can DO something to improve your sleep.


Workshop - Just $97

When you sign up, you'll also receive the Natural Sleep Secrets Bonus Guides and my Blood Sugar Balancing Guide!

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Natural Sleep Secrets to Boost Your Energy

A workshop with

1.5-Hour Workshop

  • Increased inflammation
  • Reduced ability to heal from injury and illness
  • Mood changes: depression, irritability, anxiety
  • Lack of sex drive 
  • Fatigue, lower productivity, brain fog
  • Balance inflammation
  • Optimize your ability to heal
  • Support emotional resilience
  • Have the energy to be intimate
  • Boost memory, mental clarity, and vibrance

For over 20 years I have been practicing and teaching functional medicine, seeing the most intense, complicated cases of chronic disease. I have walked my own path with CFS/ME and danced with uncertainty in the dark. Many times on that journey I felt lost and scared, tired and drained, unable to help myself or those around me. 

This path helped me uncover the 5 root causes of Complex Chronic Fatigue. It has become my life’s work to guide those who are exhausted to discover their path to more energy. 

I’m a hardworking doctor and momma of two… trying to be perfect at both, failing beautifully, of course, and learning to love myself through it all.

I am putting my life’s work out in the world because it’s time! It is the time for all of us to be our best.

The world needs us to shine our lights as brilliantly as we can. We can do this better when we are feeling our fully energized selves. I think we can agree that there is a lot of fear and darkness in the world right now. I would love to see you shine so you can be a leader, the light for those you are with at home, on the street, and in your work.

Workshop - Just $97

When you sign up, you'll also receive the Natural Sleep Secrets Bonus Guides and my Blood Sugar Balancing Guide!

Your Bonus!

90-minute workshop with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian ND

10% of all sales go to the Oregon Food Bank!

This workshop is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone else to “fix” you.
  • You’re not interested in learning or growth.
  • You do not believe you can change.

This workshop IS FOR YOU if:

  • You are burned-out, exhausted, and your sleep has been rough.
  • You live a high-energy lifestyle and cannot shut off your brain at night.
  • You have been impacted by chronic fatigue/ME or you’re a Long Hauler and are ready to get better sleep so you can heal.
  • You are ready to try new things to optimize your sleep.
  • You are health-minded and prefer natural remedies.
  • You are ready for some empowered self-care!

RISK FREE 14-Day Full Refund

We expect you will get so much out of our workshop we GUARANTEE IT! If you attend live, or watch the recording and do not feel you got anything out of it. I will refund your money 100 percent. Please email us at support@drjennytufenkian.com within 14 days of purchase. You will be asked to fill out a short exit survey so I can get your feedback on  how I can serve you better. We will process your refund through the same way you paid after the survey is received. 

Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian is an effortless remover of health obstacles! I am a much happier, healthier, and empowered individual for this program.


For the price of a lunch date for 2 you can discover the natural tool kit for sleep you need to get the rest you deserve.

I thought I had ‘tried everything’ and had given up on good sleep. Then Dr. Jenny shared with me 2 natural remedies to take in combination before bed and I slept every night for months! I feel amazing!

Melissa E

"It's really incredibly when a practitioner from another area of study can reach through an audience and impact a person.  Dr Tufenkian does just that, she caused me to examine the very core of my understanding of medicine from the Western perspective and opened me to a more wholistic, integrative approach to patient care.  Her language and her knowledge span all perceived boundaries; she makes profound connections with practitioners from all professions.  My patient care has been transformed through her teaching.

JoDee M Anderson, MD, MEd

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