naturopathic physician, functional medicine educator


What is the life force of a company? The strength of an organization is heavily dependent on the vitality of its people. What if your company’s leaders were able to gain increased focus, presence and health immediately, and demonstrate vitality to their teams?

Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, ND empowers corporate executives to find a healthy, balanced approach to wellness and vitality, by providing practical tools and tips that busy professional leaders can use from day one. Her approach to corporate wellness leads to improved productivity and employee satisfaction across leadership teams, enabling individuals and teams to move from illness to health, and from fatigue to renewed focus. The people she trains are empowered with key nuggets of clinical knowledge that enable them to create their own personal wellness ‘tool-kit’.

Dr. Tufenkian has been doctoring, teaching and living a healthy, functional medicine-driven approach to life for over 20 years. During that time she has treated many high-level corporate executives at companies such as Nike, Adidas and Intel. She has a first-hand understanding of the health challenges that face executives who are driven to perform at peak levels over time.

Training Formats:

1. 1-2 hour lectures
2. Half or full day lecture/workshop small group break out sessions
3. Consultation and creation of individual trainings based on company’s specific needs

Sample of Course offerings: (topics are available in multiple formats)

1. Mind and Body Travel Health: cures that work for jet lag, sleep, gut health, eating right on the road, and mindset hacks.
2. Sustain Your Edge: how to body hack for more energy when you are pushing for your personal and professional best.
3. Supporting the Female Body in a Man’s World: fertility, cycles and ‘the pause’.
4. When It’s Not Perfect: how to support yourself when you or a loved one has chronic illness, chronic stress, or mental/emotional issues.
5. Burnout: Feeling Flat? What is your root cause of ‘just not caring anymore?’

6. Stress and the Immune System: body hacks to keep the whole family vibrant year round.
7. Minding your Mitochondria! Accessing increased endurance, slower aging and new neural pathways for better brain function.

I look forward to furthering the conversation and learning how I can support your team.

Contact: Dr. Jenny Tufenkian