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"Knowing your #1 cause of fatigue is the first step in learning how to build the roadmap back to vitality & have the ENERGY to LIVE your life and manifest your dreams!"


Got Sleep Issues?

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What’s your body trying to tell you?

I can help you decode your body’s signals.

  • Do you have an illness or symptom that doesn't fit into a neat and tidy diagnostic box?
  • Do you walk out of your doctor’s office feeling once again, you did not get the help you needed?
  • Do you feel they don't believe you? Are you starting to second guess yourself? Beginning to wonder if you are making it up?

Having your experience discounted time and time again can leave you feeling dispirited.

And even a bit crazy..... and definitely more exhausted!

I believe it’s the system that’s broken, not you.

It’s time for a new model. 

What if your body already knows how to heal itself—it just needs a bit of help?


What if your body is trying to tell you what it needs—but you’re just not listening?

Are you ready to experience something different?

If so, join me.

I am on a mission to get the health know-how you need into your hands, so you can rock your life, your dreams.

The world needs you being you, right now.

If you know your health is not where it should be and you are looking for more energy and vitality and want to be your own health advocate, book a call now so I can see how I can help you.

Take the Quiz “Why Am I So Tired?” to find out your number one root cause of fatigue!

                   my name is Dr. Jenny Tufenkian. I am a licensed naturopathic physician. I am here to help you understand your body better. I guide you to discover your most vibrant, healthiest self. I empower you to 'run you' better with natural remedies and strategies proven over and over again to work.

I believe you and I are both here to help move our medical model to a better future!

I teach physicians how to get to the root of their patients’ chronic illnesses. Especially chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.

This is my superpower!

In my twenty years of clinical practice I have seen thousands of patients, helping those with complex illnesses and deep fatigue.

I’ve also gone through my own personal journey of healing from a debilitating case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am here to share with you what I have discovered.

 It’s time to take charge of your health.

It’s time to live your life to its fullest extent. 

It’s time to understand what your body, mind, and spirit are saying to you. 


You need the tools that will help heal your own unique body and mind.

You may be pushing through your symptoms to make your life work, but deep down you’re wondering… Is this all I get?

At times you may feel that rock-bottom despair, hiding your head in your hands when no one is looking. Living in a body should not feel so hard!

The result of doing what you have always done is staying right where you are.

Truth be told, you could have a chronic health condition and not even know it until it’s too late.


What if you could create a dramatic shift in the way you approach your health? One where you welcome your symptoms as a helpful signal to guide you to take action and support your body’s healing?

What if you knew which natural treatment was best for your own unique body?

Nature’s prescription is the treatment that is tailored to you. The prescription medications that conventional medicine relies on are all too often ‘one size fits all’—they can’t fit everyone well!

I’ve developed Path to Vitality, a SIMPLE 5-Step System, to make these things possible… and more.

In the Path to Vitality 5-Step System (P2V), you address the root cause of your ailments while easing the pain and frustration of your symptoms.

You already know a lot.

You know yourself better than any doctor.

Conventional medicine gives you a Band-Aid: if you have a headache, you’re told to take ibuprofen. But you won’t discover the root cause of your headacheso it comes back again.

The P2V System is different. It guides you to discover what is causing the symptom in the first place and how to address the underlying issue with the aim of true healing. It does NOT just mask the symptoms.

  • If you’re looking for real answers to address your chronic health condition without being told that it’s all in your head…
  • If you’re tired of being dismissed by your doctor with ‘Band-Aid’ medicine that only works on the symptoms and doesn’t get to the root cause…

you are in the right place!

My P2V system will radically change your experience of health care. This system works for those who are ready to approach medicine in a new way. Are you struggling with a chronic health condition? Or have you been pushing yourself to the limit and fear your health is on a downhill slide? Are you facing deep fatigue or burnout? If so, this is for you.

I have developed the P2V 5-step system so you can safely, effectively discover how to be your own best health advocate. It is based on over twenty years of clinical experience. 

In the P2V system, you will:

  • Get to the root cause of your condition rather than using ‘Band-Aid’ solutions
  • Develop ‘Health Confidence’: trusting your mind and body and feeling strong
  • Learn to ask smarter questions and experience your medical team as your health allies
  • Discover your body’s “WHY”: why you are so sick and tired, and how to heal
  • Tap into the power of your own mind for optimal health
  • Escape the trap of ‘one size fits all’ medicine
  • Experience empowered self-care

This is the very same system I teach to functional medicine physicians so they can empower their patients to take better care of themselves. If it can help them, it can help you, too. It is designed to give you the tools and strategies you need to look after yourself successfully and be your own best health advocate.

This system works for those who are ready to dig deep and take action.

It WON’T WORK for those who want to be given a pill or a magic wand to make it all go away (well, OK, you can WANT the magic wand, I get it!). This system is for those who understand that the real magic comes from taking action.

The proven 5-step P2V System is designed to eliminate your despair, burnout, and fatigue and maintain your energy for LIFE.

The P2V System’s 5 Steps:

Decode Your Body

What is your body saying? What clues to why you feel so terrible may have been ignored or glossed over in the past? You will use a deep multilevel mind/body assessment to clear any blocks you may have to your own healing so you can experience your full vitality.


Conventional medicine is all about shutting down the symptoms with a ‘Band-Aid’—but what if the noise your body is making is the clue? Discover how to ‘sleuth’ your own being. Lab results, your body’s response to treatment, your mindset (doubtful? resistant? all-in?) are all crucial pieces of information that will help you calibrate your whole being to the new level of health you desire.

Personalized PowerUP Tool Kit

Empower your self-care, experience accelerated healing, and mitigate downturns with your individualized mind-body tool kit. Address your health immediately and proactively, now and for the rest of your life.

Deep Cognizance (DC)

If you are ready for ‘next-level health,’ you’ll know it is time to go deeper. ‘Deep Cognizance,’ or DC, is really fun! But it’s NOT for the faint at heart. If you work hard, you’ll see results. We go in and encourage the deep cleaning that’s needed to remove the interwoven layers [ce6] that have been tripping you up for ages. You’ll discover tools for profound healing on all levels. You will love how you feel after we are done.

Recode/Power Presence

Avoid relapse and create great habits for life. It does not matter the issue, relapse is common- UNLESS you step in with a conscious Recode plan to permanently change your health. This is about living life to its fullest being the happiest version of you. And breaking through your own glass ceiling as you manifest your dreams!




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Programs, Courses, and Books



Feeling fatigued, worn down, constantly stressed? 

Did you know, there are five distinct root causes that behave like energy vampires, and suck the life out of you? You can have 1, 2 or all 5 root causes leading you to feel exhausted.

Hormones, toxins, your brain to mention a few, all influence your energy. In the past twenty years of helping patients with chronic illness it is clear the real life we want happens when we deal with the root cause

Find balance in your life and harness your inner power with the Vitality Program for chronic fatigue.

This is the online course version of the Health Mastermind for a fraction of the cost. You'll receive immediate access to the on-demand videos and learning materials so you can go at your own pace.  


Beyond hand washing what can you do to avoid illness?

In this engaging workshop you will discover 7 best strategies to strengthen your immune system for lasting health. I cover how to strengthen your “Foundational Four,” (digestion/detoxification, rhythm/sleep, movement/breath, mindset/spirit), the pillars of health you need to strengthen today! Includes a simple daily detox plan.

Got sleep issues? This is covered in the training! Brain fog? It could be your gut. I talk about that too! Truly inspiring and effective treatments for you and your family to experience full health and decrease your risk of being a ‘susceptible host’.  (And of course I do recommend still washing your hands!).


This is where the power and the magic is.

In this powerful 3 hour video workshop I guide you to discover essential techniques you can use to immediately shift your brain from overwhelm to calm, from distracted to focused, as well as how to dive into deeper subconscious healing.

This is an essential training if you experience mood swings, stress and anxiety and want to have a fast way to shift to feeling better in the moment. Professional athletes for decades have been using ‘mindset coaches’ to beat their personal best.

Discover how you can use the same techniques for deep healing. Use your mind to improve your personal best. It is the game changer for elite athletes, it can be for you to.


Don’t you hate the uh-oh feeling when the sore throat comes on?

Or your kids start to complain about their stomachs hurting? What if you knew what to do to make yourself better and help your family too?

I have compiled my best practice tips from 20 plus years of working with patients, and 30 years of being a mom. I made them into series of easy to access micro-videos. At 2 am you can easily find the short video on my favorite cough remedies or what to do for that sore throat and get you and your family quickly onto the road of recovery.  

Truly, the best homecare practices and guidance on when to seek professional help. Including the best mindset hack you will ever find for shifting your immune system from ‘uh-oh’ to feeling good!


Some stress is good for you. Other stress can lead to illness. What is the difference?

I shot this succinct and powerful video workshop for you so you can stop feeling “stressed about your stress” and improve your energy!!



Easy to use guide for sprains, strains, acute illness and more.

This is a 28 page e book with easy to access information and graphics to increase your confidence with using natural home remedies for the best first aid and when to get professional help. This little gem has saved many a person from an unpleasant trip to urgent care.


You know when they say: use every trick in the book?

For those of you who are traveling this season… THIS E -BOOK IS A MUST HAVE ITEM! Of all travel seasons this is the season to use every trick in this book. And for those of us who are just dreaming of when we can once again have ‘away’ vacations, this e-book is a great one to help you plan to travel for ultimate health and keep your vacation fun!


As a naturopath physician, I empower patients to discover and develop their innate ability to guide their own healing process. I’ve come to understand that healing is a multi-layered journey. A disease is rarely caused by one thing, nor does it take just one thing to fix it.

I embrace the best of modern science in testing for these conditions; I am also deeply rooted in the wisdom of the ages. I constantly remind myself and others that love is where we come from, and where we go. Having compassion for ourselves, for our healing process, and for others is key to finding truly lasting health and vitality.

I have been practicing and teaching functional medicine, seeing the most intense, complicated cases of chronic disease. I have walked my own path with illness and danced with uncertainty in the dark. Many times on that journey, I felt lost and scared, tired and drained, unable to help myself or those around me. I am a hard working doctor and momma of two… trying to be perfect at both, failing beautifully, of course, and learning to love myself through it all. 

I am putting my life’s work out in the world, through this website, because it’s time! It is the time for all of us to be our best.

I have been honored to witness profound changes in thousands of people. Are you next?

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Take the FREE 5-Minute QUIZ and Find Out the Number One Reason YOU'RE So Exhausted!